Wie man die Haut pflegt

How to care for the skin

A high-quality leather wallet is beautiful and shows their unique texture. With age it gets character and its true value is understood over the yea...

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Samsung S10 vs S10+

Samsung S10 VS S10 +

The South Korean Technology Meadow Samsung presented the latest flagship of the company, Galaxy S10 and Galaxy S10 + at its start-up event on Febru...

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iPhone 11-Design

iPhone 11 design

iPhone 11 design: Apple violates the Zen philosophy of Steve Jobs 1985 dismissed Apple's founder Steve Jobs with a Board decision. The reason for ...

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Die Top-Smartphone Fakten

The top smartphone facts

Fact # 1: Between 152 and 201 minutes per day we look at our smartphone. Good 2.5 hours per day spend the Germans active on a weekday on average w...

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